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humiliate it and make fun of it and show it to the
whole world, now don't you!? Well, you're in the right
place for small penis humiliation, I do it through chat,
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small penis humiliation! It's such fun! On this page
I have the TOP FIVE little dicks, and on the next pages
you'll "see" even more of them, enjoy and get a laugh!!

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My top five pinky peckers...check em out!!!:


OMG!! OK, so check out this micro worm of a dicklette. LMFAO!! Like, are you serious?
Not even an inch? Short of 1 friggin inch how much smaller can you even be?!? I am still laughing so
hard at his shrimp nub. I am almost beyond words and trust me that is hard to do! I sent these pics
to like 10 of my friends and they could not believe their eyes!! In face, when I sent to Cassie she said
she needed to go wash her eyes out with bleach ahahahaha!!!! When I showed them to Jason he was
like - what dick?!?! I thought you said you wanted me to look at some fag's dick? LOL!!!

This jack off boy has confessed his love for eating his pre-cum and wants to more. I'm thinking
how much can that little guy even spurt out, right? I mean really may as well give up the idea of ever
having sex with a woman, put on a pair of panties and beg to be cucked. Because yeah dude
that's all you can hope for.

Itty- bitty- tiny- pinky pecker and simply pathetic! Ewwwwwww!!! Disgusts me for real.
I think we can all agree he deserves the #1 spot least for now!!! LOL



OMG!!! Check out my newest little, itty bitty, teenie weenie!!! LMFAO!!!!
I haven't even got to properly tease and humiliate this inadequate dicklette yet
but just wait until I do! He deserved a good shaming by yours truly don't ya think?

Ok like when I opened up his pics I could not stop laughing. At first I was
like "What the hell?" I mean I seriously had to take a second look. It's just so
ya know short! haha and pathetic looking. Wow. You little guys never
cease to amuse me. Wondering what the WD40 is for in the pic above LOL!?

Can we say panty bitch? No wonder he goes by Pantied1 on NF.
Yeah, that little clit stick deserves to be in pantes 24/7.

More pics below of my newest pinky pecker!!!!


Well, well lookie what we have here. Yeah, you might have to squint to see this tiny
little worm of his. Meet Shrimpdick! hahaha How appropriate is his name right?

So, he comes begging to show me his pathetic clit of a dicklette and I insisted
he be on my website for all the little dick loser bois! Never has he shown a pic
to anyone before so hey what better way than to be on my pinky site completely exposed!!

Shrimpdick also confessed to me his deep love for BBC. He knows it is his
place to be on his knees like a good beta bitch sucking alphas.

Says he is a grow-er not a show-er well I don't see much that's for sure!!!
I can't wait to tease my shrimpy dicklette even more I never get
tired of putting you small pinky's in your place!


lil timmy paid to go back to #1 on 5/26/20

AND some new pics!!! OMG, so teeny, so icky...and yes, timmy, you
are correct when you tell me you are not anywhere close to being a

REAL MAN. Not now, not then, not ever...

BUT, kudos to you for knowing your place among the pinkiest of
peckers...not ashamed, throwing it out there for all to gag over hahaha!!

lil timmy writes:

Dear sweet and sexy Rylee,

thank you for the opportunity to take my place and show my pathetic teeny
tiny little dicklette. i am a pathetic little dick loser.

my last gf (Sherry) often ridiculed me for not being a real man.

she made me go to a female doctor and get a physical,
and specifically ask to be tested for low "T"

when the female dr. asked (in front of an attractive nurse and a young aide)(both female)
"and why do we think we might have low "T"? "are you having sexual issues?"
" I responded that "well ... my gf wanted me to ask." the Dr. then said
"oh ,ofcourse, that's what i figured." all three of them were trying to hold
back their laughter, as good proffesionals should ... until the young aide snorted.
then all three of the women started to giggle. And as the Dr. was examining
my testicles... she said " hmm, I don't see anything significant" and they all
broke out into full out laughter and snorting and giggling.
(my tiny little cock was dripping of pre cum)

i was soo embarrassed and ashamed!

please find attached my entry for your pinky pecker club

do you think every girl should know about me... perhaps my
tenants will see? perhaps i should show them?

love liltimmy3x

OK, this is BEYOND pathetic. I can see why everyone at the doctor's
office couldn't hold back their laughter...I'm surprised they didn't
just put you out of your misery and snip the thing off...they would
have only needed a small bandage to cover up the little space where
that gross thing used to be. And imagine my surprise when you say
that you actually had a girlfriend??? Not only that but you say your
"last" girlfriend?? Like you've had more than one?? You must have a
lot of money LOL...or a big fancy house with an expensive car to
have even HAD a girlfriend, what the fuck. Anyway...very lame.

dizzy paid $19.99 to go back to #1 woooooo!!!!

Finally talked this one into adding his pathetic,disgusting, minuscule
thingie to my website aka wall of shame for tiny dick losers!!!

So, yeah just look at it hahaha yeah you gotta squint... I mean are you serious??
What the hell is that? LMFAO!!! It like hides away even. What a sad, deficient mini
worm of a pecker! YUCK!! Definitely deserves a place here and believe me he knows
how I feel about it. Of course, he has never had sex with a woman and sucks cock willingly.

UPDATE PICS!!! NOW....he says BOTH of these pics are him:

LMAO!! How can this be!? it's like the groundhog came out of
his hole hahahaha!!! My friends are gonna LOVE this shit ~ I bet not
one of them believes it! BUT, it IS pretty red, looks like he's been
beating it like someone that dissed his non-existent girlfriend LOL!!!

Can't wait to shame him more when he calls me again on NF-


now...if you have not had enough laughs, you can check out
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